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Squirrels Pest Control Autumn

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Squirrels Pest Control Autumn

At PEST UK there has been a marked increase in the enquiries regarding pest problems with Grey Squirrels. The main complaint we get with squirrels is when they get into lofts. Squirrels are definitely the noises rodent pest in the UK. They are much louder than rats or mice. Not only do they make a loud noise but they are extremely destructive, chewing cables and pipes, fouling and ripping up loft insulation. The reason for the increase in calls regarding squirrels is that as the weather gets colder they are investigating warmer places to stay. A family of squirrels may have several Dreys (nests) within their territory and they will move from one to another and lohftspaces are treated the same as other dreys they may be occupied by the family of squirrels to take advantage of a food source in the area or more likely in the Autumn looking for a warmer drew to spend the colder autumn months and Winter.
Squirrel caught in trap
Squirrels Pest Control Autumn

A smaller proportion of squirrel pest control problems are external. this is where although the squirrels are not entering a building they can do great damage to gardens, trees or by robbing bird feeding stations.
Grey Squirrel
Squirrels Pest Control Autumn 2015
Grey Squirrel
PEST UK offer guaranteed treatments for squirrels (most companies will charge per visit, which can lead to great expense where as PEST UK charge a one off inclusive fee) for squirrel infestations inside buildings. Inside we use either trapping, poison or a combination of the two.
External squirrel problems can be dealt with only by trapping. At PEST UK we use fen traps in highly secure metal boxes. fen traps are a very powerful trap that kills the squirrels.
If you require advice on squirrels or need a guaranteed treatment then please call 0330 100 2811 (local rate) or 0800 026 0308 (free phone from landlines & some mobiles). Alternatively you can e-mail us. Our offices are open 24 hours a day, 7 days per week.


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