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Squirrels in March

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Squirrels in March, this is when squirrels look for nesting sites to have their first litter of the year. If there is an accessible loft within their territory then they will often favour this location, especially if the weather is cold and wet. Squirrels are very territorial with a male keeping other males out of his territory. The size of the territory will depend on the food supply within that territory. A territory with an artificial high protein food source with several bird feeding stations within will be quite small compared to a woodland territory where it will be quite large to support the family in food. The male may be accompanied by a female and juvenile squirrels. They feed of a variety of types of food including bulbs, fruits, birds eggs, insects, young birds, nuts, grains in fact any types of food they can get.
Grey Squirrels in March in Lofts
Squirrels in March: Damage

Apart from the damage to trees, build, plants they also eat birds eggs and will kill and eat baby birds. The real problems start however once they get into loft spaces. They are extremely noisy and destructive and difficult to get rid of. Not only this but they can also chew through electrical cables and water pipes as well as fouling water tanks.
Squirrels in March Pests Control
Squirrels in March: The Solution

PESTUK offer a guaranteed treatment (few pest control companies offer guaranteed treatments due to the difficulty of controlling squirrels and will charge ‘per visit’ which can lead to an extremely hill price!). PEST UK offer a guaranteed treatment at a fixed price of just £135 + VAT for the whole treatment.
Squirrels by the BPCA
To book a Squirrel treatment, for free advice on Squirrels or any other pest control problem then call PEST UK on 0800 026 0308 (free phone from landlines and some mobiles) or 0330 100 2811 (local rate).

PESTUK cover large parts of central Southern England. Visit our Squirrel page at:Squirrels PESTUK


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