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Spring Weather, Councils & Pest Control:
The weather has improved and already the number of calls to PEST UK for Ladybirds, Cluster Flies, Bees and Squirrels have increased. The Ladybird call outs have increased from previous years and in fact we are getting more calls for Ladybirds than we are for Cluster Flies. These are the Harlequin Ladybirds that are migrants from Europe but are now well established in the South of England. From a pest control point of view (I am talking about buildings not plants) they cause problems as they hibernate in large groups inside buildings. The native British Ladybird hibernates outside singly or in small groups. They will often hibernate in the same location as Cluster Flies. Treatment is the same as for Cluster Flies which is usually a combination of a residual insecticide surface spray to walls, ceilings and windows as well as an insecticide ‘fogging’ applied to lofts and other cavities. The recent sun will lead to a burst of Cluster Fly jobs next week as the sun leads to the flies coming out of hibernation and then returning to the hibernation site once the sun goes down. During this emergence phase they will sun themselves on walls. They may return to the hibernation several times before finally leaving.
Harlequin Ladybirds
Squirrels will be looking for sites to have their young at this time of year and lofts are ideal for this. Spring Squirrel jobs can be more difficult to eradicate than at other times of the year just due to the fact that the total number may include the Mother and Father and up to six young.
Squirrel 2
There has been a couple of mentioned in the press about Councils charging for rat jobs. As a private company we agree with councils charging in fact they should charge a realistic rate. I can understand councils doing there own properties as part as their responsibility as landlords but to carry out subsidised or free rat treatments for the general public is in my opinion wrong.


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