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Pest Control in Spring:
Spring is nearly here and the weather is certainly warmer and this brings Cluster Fly enquiries, complaints about squirrels in lofts, reports of hornets, queen wasps and queen bumble bees emerging from hibernation. The call outs for rats and mice has already decreased but is slowly being replaced by these other pests. This trend will continue but will increase or decrease depending on weather. The rat call outs have not been as numerous as last year. At PEST UK we felt that this has not been due to a decline in the population of rats but a combination of mild weather and the recent flooding. This is probably bad news not only for pest control companies lack of income due to carrying out less rat treatments but it leaves more rats in the environment, rats that would be killed off by rat treatments and/or cold weather. I predict that the incidence of Weils disease will increase this year due to the extra water because of flooding and the larger number of rats in the environment. (Weils disease is transmitted in water and generally enters water via the rat’s urine.
Bumble Bee
I was watching the recent events in the Ukraine and saw the mounds of rubbish and abandoned buildings. These areas will be a breeding ground for pests, not only rats and mice but probably bed bugs, cockroaches and fleas as thousands of protesters are living in close proximity to each other in squalid conditions, probably with little or poor sanitation. The situation in Syria must be a lot worse (from a pest control perspective) as the temperature is higher making life easier for all types of pests and introducing many more in the way of different types of flies and mosquitoes. These pests will transmit diseases leading to loss of life in these situation.


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