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Spider Invasion

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The news has recently been full of stories of a ‘spider invasion’ in the UK. The suggestion is that giant house spiders are moving into our homes after a summer that was hot and wet.

spiderGiant house spiders can grow up to 12cm in length, and although they’re call ‘house’ spiders, they are more likely to be found in sheds and garages, and in gardens.

There is probably no increase in the number of spiders, it’s just that because of the hot, wet summer we are seeing them in our sheds and gardens more often. The summer has been good to spiders and they are probably much bigger because they’ve been well-fed.

Autumn is spider mating season and the spiders we may be seeing are male spiders out looking for a safe, dry place to mate.

Although these spiders can bite, they are not harmful to humans. The venom in a single spider bite is not harmful to humans, although it may produce a stinging sensation similar to a bee sting and could possibly draw some blood. Spiders are not aggressive and will only bite if they are threatened or antagonised in some way.

If you find a spider in your house or garden shed and you’d prefer to have it moved, there are a few simple methods to get rid of the spider without killing it.

  • Trap the spider under a container – a glass or a plastic container and then slide a sheet of card underneath the container, take it outside away from the house and release the spider.
  • Sweep the spider into a dustpan if you’re brave enough, hold the brush gently over the spider and carry it outside to be released.

Remember, most spiders are not dangerous and if you leave them alone, they’ll leave you alone.

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