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Slugs and Snails

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Slugs and Snails

PESTUK commonly have many call regarding slugs and snails at this time of year. This can be due to them entering into homes or from damaging garden vegetation. The sight of a silvery slime trail is never pleasant to find and more so first thing in the morning.  Slugs and snails eat vegetation and are only found indoors in damp areas. Despite their appearance, they are harmless and are only a minor pest.

slugs and snails


Slugs and snails belong to a group of invertebrates called terrestrial gastropod mollusc. These are land dwelling molluscs, rather than sea or fresh water, which make up the majority of their species numbers. They can be found all over the world and there are numerous different species. The clear difference between the two is that snails have a spiral shell on their back which they use to retreat into when they detect signs of danger, while slugs do not. Most slugs and snails a re herbivores but a few are predators feeding on earthworms and other slugs and snails.

Both snails and slugs are harmless creatures but they can be unwelcome visitors. In the wild they are fed on by hedgehogs, chickens, ducks and also other wild birds.

Treatment of slugs and snails

The technician may use a residual insecticide spray on surfaces to help combat the problem, this spray, as long as it is not wiped or cleaned away will remain active for some time. The technician may use other forms of control, such as slug spray. The main cause is a damp issue and this must be rectified to stop the problem all together. Proofing can be done as well to prevent entry into the house. This can include mesh over air bricks, sealing of cracks and trimming/ cleaning up of any vegetation close to the house that can attract them or offer shelter from the sun. Slug pellets can be used but recommendations should be heeded as too many can cause problems for other wildlife and even for curious pets. These pellets should be placed away from where you wish to prevent them going to as they do contain an attractant.


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