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Slugs in Houses:

slugsStand by for a plague of slugs, gardeners warned: Pests sets to invade as the weather gets warmer

We’re all looking forward to summer and lots of sunshine, ice-cream and perfect English gardens, but there are some less pleasant aspects of summer that we still have to deal with. One of these is slugs – and the Daily Mail reports that we can expect a “plague” in the forthcoming weeks. The recent excessively wet weather has created the perfect climate for breeding slugs…………

PEST UK can help with slugs in houses. The route cause does have to be addressed for long term resolution but for short term relief we can apply a slug repellent around skirting boards, air bricks and other entry points. Plus can also be physically blocked by filling up cracks and crevices externally and internally. Mesh guards can be fitted over air bricks (we can fit these for you) as well. The slug repellent is based on the Yucca plant. It does not kill the slugs but repels them. You can use slug pellets around the outside of the house. Be very careful as they extremely toxic, much more so than rat poison.

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