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Pests Season by Season

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Household Pests Season by Season:

Pest activity varies during different seasons. Below is a graph of  the typical activity of Household Pests – Season by Season


Which pests are prevalent in which months

Which pests are prevalent in which months

Please be aware that this list is by no means set in stone. Varying weather patterns such as a particularly hot summer will affect pest activity. Also, freak weather conditions could well have an impact – for example, heavy rain and flooding can cause a significant increase in rat activity.

Certain pests like Bed Bugs and cockroaches can be active all year round and are influenced by factors other than the season. Examples of this are rats, mice and squirrels which although cause pest control problems throughout the year are more prevalent in the late Autumn and Winter because of the loss of vegetation cover and food supply . Plus the fact rats and mice will tolerate the cold but prefer warmer conditions. Grey squirrels will seek a warmer overwintering site in late Autumn (lofts) and a nesting site in the Spring. Cluster Flies will come into buildings to hibernate in the Autumn and re emerge in the Spring.

Also, different parts of the country may have other factors that affect seasonal pest activity. Things like gulls, pigeons and urban foxes can  have different activity levels during the same season depending on the areas.

Whatever the season, we are here to help resolve your pest problems either by giving free pest control advice or to actually carry out pest control treatments for a wide variety of pests. Call PEST UK on 0330 100 2811 or 0800 026 0308. PEST UK is open 7 days a week, 24 hours a day including a pest control service for evenings, week ends and Bank Holidays. PEST UK are full British Pest Control Association members and all technicians are CRB checked and members of the PROMPT/BASIS scheme. Call now for a Quality Pest Control Service at Reasonable Rates.


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