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Sad Situations: Pest Control

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Sad Situations: Pest Control:
Sometimes you come across people or animals that are cruelly kept or miserable. On one occasion in the late 80’s I went out to do a wasp nest in a block of flats in Winnersh (these flats are now demolished). As I waited at the door I noticed brown stains on the inside of the windows. The door opened and I then realised that the stains were excrement. The smell was strong. The wasp nest was at the back of the flat on balcony. I was lead through the living room. There was dogs mess all over the carpet and two Alsatians tied up in the room barking. I went through to the balcony, did the wasp nest and as I was treading carefully through the piles of crap on my way out I heard another noise, a baby crying. In the corner of the room was a baby.

Another similar but not as bad situation was when i was doing a wasp nest in a terraced house in Reading. The nest was at the rear of the house so I had to go through the house to access it. As I went through the house I noticed a smell of liver. Anyway I did the nest and went inside to collect the money. There was a man and his daughter. By the state of the house I think they were on there own. The girl seemed embarrassed by the stench of liver. The smell was getting so bad that I had to put my hand over my mouth. I was asked to sit on the settee while he wrote the cheque as I did the settee seemed to move and out of a hole in the side of the settee cam a dog with no hair on, just scabs. This was where the smell of liver cam from.

I later found out that there is disease that dogs get that will make them loose their fur and smell. This dog was obviously not treated.

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