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What Happens to Rodents When It Floods?

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What Happens to Rodents When It Floods?

Flooding can be devastating for home-owners and business-owners alike, submerging buildings and roads, and forcing people to vacate their properties. But what happens to rodents when it floods?




Rodent infestations

During heavy rainfall, rat and mouse infestations in and around flooded areas increase. This is due to the overflow of sewers forcing rodents above ground, and the destruction of previous nesting locations compelling them to seek shelter. Consequently, our dry, warm homes are inviting to rats and mice during this time.

Rodent infestations can create even more problems for residents and businesses already trying to cope with the after-effects of flooding. Not only can these small creatures cause damage through gnawing, but they can spread diseases and contaminate food. However, there are a number of ways in which you can help to prevent rodents entering your home:

  • Clear up fallen trees, fences and any other debris that may have accumulated, especially if they are close to buildings.
  • Make sure your premises are well sealed. Check for missing roof tiles, cracks and any other openings that may let in rodents.
  • Check that any outbuildings, children’s play equipment, boats and vehicles don’t have any trapped debris that may provide a cosy home to rats and mice.
  • Ensure all foodstuff and animal feeds are kept well sealed and dry.




Weil’s disease

Rats are a particular concern in flood-ridden errors due to the health risks associated with them. Rats carry nasty diseases which can spread to humans. In particular, Weil’s disease is a potentially fatal waterborne disease that can be found in stagnant water after floods. Flooding of homes and other buildings increases the chances of coming into contact with rat droppings and urine. This increases the risk of the disease being passed on to humans.

To ensure your safety:

  • Always wear waterproof boots when wading through floodwater and never swim in floodwater.
  • Cover wounds with waterproof plasters if exposed to floodwater.

If you think you may have a rodent infestation, or would like some advice regarding flooding and rodents, call us on 0330 100 2811 or email at services@pestuk.com. More information on the treatment of rats and mice can be found here.



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