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Resistance Rats, the truth: Recently I have been doing work at several farms and animal facilities which previously had pest control contracts with other companies. These other companies claimed that the rats could not be properly controlled outside as the rats were all resistant! Interestingly I have eliminated the problems at all of these sites using one of the most basic methods of pest control, known as saturation baiting. This method of pest control is, in a nutshell, using a low toxicity poison, but ensuring that lots of it is consumed so that it still kills the rats. More frequent than normal visits are required to carry this method out (sometimes), to ensure than no bait points become empty at any point in the treatment and ensure a complete riddance is achieved. This method is very basic, but VERY successful! The main complaint at one of the sites now is the smell from the dead rats!

In fact, I have only ever once found what appeared to be genuine resistance rats, and even this was doubtful as it may simply have been just a very severe infestation! However, interestingly, I have found resistance rats to older poisons in mice several times and had to switch bait!

The reason that this is interesting is, the area where myself and the other staff of PestUK work is supposedly home to the most resistant rats in Britain (see this article: ).

My personal opinion is that resistance rats are real, but MUCH rarer than it appears. It is mostly due to other companies simply not being competent or experienced enough to actually control rat problems.

If you or your company is having a problem with perceived or genuine resistance, give us a call, because I have never met a problem that I couldn’t fix! Call PEST UK for problems with resistant rats or any other pest control matters, either for advice or a pest control treatment on 0330 100 2811 (local rate) or 0800 026 0308 (free from landlines & some mobiles).




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