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Removing a Wasp Nest in a Chimney

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Removing a Wasp Nest in a Chimney:
We have been asked to treat a wasp nest in a chimney of a private house in Maidenhead. The nest is in the chimney stack of a 40-year old 2 bedroom semi detached house. The chimney is not a large one. If we had been asked to treat or remove this wasp nest a few years ago then one person would have done it by putting a ladder up to the gutter level and aiming a jet of insecticide into the chimney pot. This is a bit dangerous and also a hit or miss way of treating a wasp nest. We will be using two men and a roof ladder to tackle this job.
The occupier has known for a couple of months that they had a wasp nest but decided to leave it to die out during winter. The problem with this is that rather than several thousand wasps flying in and out of the nest with no interest in coming into the house you are left with several thousand dopey, some times drunk wasps that are attracted to lights inside the house.

Wasps are a much more dangerous pest in the autumn, especially when the temperature drops. As the days shorten lights are turned on, this attracts wasps. If they see light seeping into the loft and the nest is situated there, they will head for it. If it is cold they will do this slowly. When a nest is treated in a loft in the autumn you will often find that the floor of the loft is covered in slow moving wasps. Not so much of a danger for a pest controller in protective clothing but certainly for some one going into a loft unawares.

During summer wasps will still be attracted to light sources but will be flying, and there is less internal light because of the length of the days in the summer. Leaving a wasp nest to die out in the winter can lead to massive problems.

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