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Removing Rats in the Autumn

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Removing Rats in the Autumn:
Rats are an unceasing problem in the Autumn for a variety of reasons. Outside there is a natural abundance of food. Fields still have a lot of spilt grain on them from the harvest and there are many types of fruits and nuts in woods and hedgerows. Where there is food and the temperature is not too cold will lead to rats breeding. So the rat population will peak in the Autumn. This will be followed by a decrease in natural food, a drop in temperatures and a reduction of natural vegetation cover. This will make rat population move, looking for new harbour ages and food supplies. They will take greater risks the more desperate they become and this generally means moving into buildings and/or in the vicinity of people and their food or animals. Although people phoning us with rat problems in their gardens and houses is a year long feature of calls at PEST UK the calls regarding rat problem is worse in the Autumn and early Winter especially after a spell of frosty weather. Rats are originally a semi tropical animal and although can and have adapted to thrive in cold weather they prefer the shelter of buildings and artificial heat if given a choice.
There is no easy way to get rid of rats. You need a three pronged approach:

Food Supply. This is the most important. Get rid of the food supply or make it more difficult or dangerous for the rats to feed. Stopping bird feeding or even moving the feeder to the centre of the lawn may discourage rats.
Harbourage. Rats naturally leave and breed in burrows in the soil but have adapted to live and breed in any cavity that provides similar shelter. (such as under sheds or in cavity walls). Proofing holes to prevent access and removing cover (rats do not like to be in the open)
Poison Bait. This will only be fully successful if the first two points are addressed.

These are just general points and in the case of sewer problems none of the above may apply which is why it makes sense to call in a professional.
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