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Rats, Mice & Flooding

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Rats, Mice & Flooding:
The recent spate of storms and flooding has taken its toll not just on humans! Small animals, including rats, mice and squirrels have had their homes destroyed and are also looking for safe dry places to live.They also have been pushed out of there homes. Rat and mouse infestations in and around flooded areas will be on the increase due to the displacement of rats and mice and other pests.

House Mouse This can create even more problems for home owners and business owners already trying to cope with the after-effects of the damage.

Apart from the risk of infection, disease and the general unease associated with rodents, there is also the possibility that they  will cause even more structural damage by chewing through expensive wiring, floorboards etc swell as contaminating food stuffs and water supply. Rats and mice are the cause of numerous fires every year which they cause by gnawing through electrical cables.

A few useful tips on keeping rats and mice out of your home:

  • Clear up fallen trees, collapsed fences and any other debris that may have accumulated during the storms, especially if they are close to buildings.
  • Make sure your premises are well sealed, check for missing roof tiles, cracks and any other openings that may let in, not only small rodents but also further damp.
  • Check that any outbuildings, children’s play equipment, boats and vehicles are all safe and don’t have any trapped debris that may provide a cosy home to rats and mice.
  • Ensure all foodstuff and animal feeds are kept well sealed and dry
  • Don’t let children play in storm debris – apart from the obvious risk of injury, there is also a risk of infection.

If you suspect any rodent activity then please get in touch. We will assess your premises and suggest the safest and quickest method of clearing any pests. Call PEST UK now on 0800 026 0308


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