Reading Borough Council Pest Control Charges

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Reading Borough Council Pest Control Charges

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Reading borough Council have a subsidised service for pest control. The charges are much cheaper than us at PEST UK (we charge £100.00 + VAT for a guaranteed rat or mouse treatment where as Reading Borough Council Pest Control Department charge £70.00 including VAT). The web site does not however say if the treatment is guaranteed and the quality of public subsidised pest control services can be questionable. At PEST UK the technician who carries out any treatment is only paid on results, if the treatment isn’t successful then the pest control technician will not be paid until the treatment is successfully concluded. Any problems that may occur in the guarantee period then the PEST UK technician will respond quickly to rectify the pest problem. At PEST UK, unlike Reading Borough Council Pest Control, we work seven days a week (including Bank Holidays). I have also noticed that Reading Borough Council carry out three visits for the treatment of rats or mice. I can’t understand this as 90% of PEST UK’s rat and mouse treatments are successfully concluded after two visits. I believe that this is because our pest control technicians are more skilful than the pest control technicians at the council. Not only have thePEST UK technicians have a financial inceptive to clear up the pest control problems quickly but they are all BPCA qualified and members of the PROMPT/BASIS scheme which means they are constantly trained, attend seminars, take exams ALL the time, not just once as many pest control technicians do. At PEST UK we also look at why the customer rat and mouse problem. For example we will look at how they are getting into a building, what they are eating and how the food source can be restricted. We also offer a proofing service and drain surveys as well as fitting one way return valves to solve the problem.
Sewer Valve in place
Apart from the London areas councils generally charge less for a pest control services but you get what you pay for, if you want a restricted service then phone the council. If you want a first class quality pest control service, then phone PEST UK.

For advice or a pest control treatment please phone PEST UK on 0330 100 2811. Alec Minter

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