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Rats in a Waste Recycling Plant

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We have started works at a waste re cycling plant in Reading, Berkshire with a severe rat problem. Although quite modern the plant is heavily infested with rats. This is mainly down to ineffective control by the previous pest control contractor. They have put plenty of rat baits and boxes down but most in the wrong place. As with a lot of pest control companies, bait boxes are put where: 1. The customer can see them (the customer may be paying for each box), 2. Where the technician can easily get to the box to re fill and service it but unfortunately 3. not where the majority of the rats will have access to the bait box. This type of baiting is unnecessary and in fact illegal as poison baits should not be used as a monitor but only used to eradicate an existing problem. On a site such as this the rat infestation may never disappear but fluctuate in its severity. In these circumstances the baits need to be put where the rats are living and feeding. You will get takes of perimeter baits but these are often rats either moving out of the site or less dominant rats that have been expelled by dominant rats from the areas where the food it ~(the centre of the building). Last week (8/1/15) we re baited the external bait points, baited under the 2 weigh bridges and heavily baited internally around the walls (rats are living in between the walls and steel cladding and in the concrete A frames as well as in the plant machinery. We used Vertex (Brodifacoum inside and Sakarat (Bromadiolone) outside. We are making another 3 visits at weekly intervals before starting the contract proper. The advantage we have over other sites we have done of a similar nature is that the building is quite new although there are ample places within the structure of the building for rats to live in. We are visiting for the 2nd visit tomorrow (16/1) and will report back on progress then.
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