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Rats and Sewer Problems:Rat Sewer ValveWe have a pest control contract for rats and mice at a school in Wokingham, Berkshire. They have had a rat problem at the site off and on for the last two years. When it first started I was asked to supply a second opinion as Stephen Tiller from PEST UK had informed them that the rats were entering the building via a sub terrain route that was almost certainly the foul sewer.

RatHow he reached this conclusion was: 1. There was no rat activity externally on the site & 2. There were takes on test baits placed in the sewer. I visited and formed the same conclusion myself. (I didn’t expect anything else as Steve is a first class pest control technician with many years experience). The local council (Wokingham Borough Council) didn’t seem to want to spend any money at this point so the problem kept re occurring during the last two year period. Last week after a period of smells in the building that indicated dead rats two technicians from PEST UK carried out another inspection at the request of the school and the council. They found more evidence in the sewer and a dry sewer that needed blocking off. We also recommended that two one way sewer valves were installed. The school and Wokingham Borough Council agreed for the work to be carried out. The sewer valves are quite expensive but a fraction of the cost of digging up a sewer to repair it or to find a breach. In fact the sewer valves are cheaper than getting a camera inspection for a sewer. They work like a cat flap, they allow sewage to flow one way when there is pressure from one way but when the sewage stops then the flap closes. Not only does it prevent rats getting further up the sewer to areas where they might be able to gain access to the house but prevents backed up sewage entering the house. In Australia the valves are used to prevent snakes getting into houses via the sewer system.

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