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Rats and Mice in Winter

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Rats and Mice in Winter:
As the vegetation dies back and the availability of fruits and nuts gets less, the weather gets colder rodents will look for new homes and food sources. With the cold weather people start feeding birds tempting rodents nearer to houses and in turn rodents may get into the house living in lofts, wall cavities or between floors. Mice can survive in a loft of wall cavity without actually leaving as they will feed on insects, woodlice and seeds blown. They can extract the moisture they need from their food or from condensation on pipes. They are territorial creatures and the size of the territory will will depend on the amount of food available within. If mice come across an area of high food value such as a kitchen (which will have scape of food) or a garden shed (with bulbs and or seeds for food) then the territory size will shrink. Territory size is very important when treating mice with rodenticide. If not enough bait or bait points are placed within the territory (and there may be many) then the treatment will fail.
Rats on the other hand will normally enter a building for shelter, then venture outside for food and water. Of course if the opportunity arises for food and water within the building then they will take it. Unlike mice rats are very suspicious of anything new placed within their territory. While mice will actively explore new objects, rats will treat anything new with suspicion. This can make control with baits and traps difficult for rats. A trick to speed up a mouse treatment is to move objects about within the territory. This makes the mice living there ‘re explore’ the territory and find the baits and or traps quickly. With rats patience is needed plus trying to remove the existing food source.

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