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Rats & Mice in Plant Rooms of Commercial Buildings

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Commercial buildings will often have a plant or services room where the boilers, air conditioning & air flow units, electrical meters other utilities. These rooms may not seem that important in the fight to keep rats out of a building but they are. There are several reasons why Rats & Mice in Plant Rooms of Commercial Buildings can be a problem. First they are warm, they may not have the food attractiveness of say a bin store but like bin stores they are often well ventilated and this ventilation in a lot of cases allows access by both rats and mice. Another reason is the accessibility, many pipes, conduits, caves and cavities enter and leave these plant rooms allowing rats and mice to get into the heart of the building and then allowing them to access all areas by following the routes of all the cables, cavities conduits and pipes that radiate out of the plant room to all parts of the building. So as a preventative measure plant rooms are a must for inspection, proofing and in some cases preventative baiting and or trapping.

A rat caught in a trap in a plant room of one of PEST UK's Commercial Contract Customers

A rat caught in a trap in a plant room of one of PEST UK’s Commercial Contract Customers

Rodents may not always access a building from above ground entry points. They may come into a building via old utility pipes or broken or ill fitted sewer connections. These types of entry points may never be found but checking a plant room for holes,m using guards or mesh of a suitable size over the routes of cables where they enter the plant room or foam caps on these pipes that contain the cables will help prevent future problems. Rodents are not the only creature to take refuge in plant rooms, birds (especially pigeons) may be a problem. If they can gain access they will nest, roost or take refuge from the weather in warm dark places such as plant rooms. Plant rooms on the roofs of buildings are a more serious issue where pigeons are concerned.
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