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Rats & Mice

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Rats & Mice: Calls at PEST UK for pest control problems with rats and mice are now on the increase. There are several reasons for this: The first is that rats & mice don’t like the cold, true that can tolerate cold and will often adapt to live in cold situations should circumstances dictate that they do. An example of this is rats infesting a cold store warehouse. We have had experiences at PEST UK of rats and mice living in a cold store food warehouse in Reading, Berkshire. This is what makes rats & mice successful, they can adapt their behaviour to suit the conditions that surround them. But, give the choice rats and mice prefer warmer environments so moving into buildings (including outbuildings such as sheds and garden buildings) is now on the increase as the weather gets colder. The next factor that encourages them to move into buildings is vegetation cover. As the vegetation dies off the cover decreases leaving rats and mice more exposed to predators such as cats, dogs, foxes and birds of prey. Rats and mice naturally do not like to ‘expose’ themselves in the open especially in daylight hours which is why they normally like to feed at night. If you see rats in the daylight hours it usually means you have a heavy infestation (this leads to the dominant animals bullying the old, young and less dominate rats to feed during the more dangerous hours of daylight) or that the food source is only available in the daytime. The last major factor leading to rats entering buildings is food. The natural food supply (berries, crops etc) dries up in the Winter.
PEST UK is a company established over 26 years ago with some of the most experienced pest control technicians in the UK. We offer guaranteed treatments for rats and mice, domestic costs are £120.00 inc VAT for a minimum of 2 visits.

Mice feeding in a kitchen

Mice feeding in a kitchen

Call: 0330 100 2811 (local rate from landlines & mobiles) and 0800 026 0308 (free phone from landlines and some mobiles). The PEST UK telephone operator (all the staff at PEST UK are trained in pest control) can book up an hour slot for an appointment between 8am and 6pm (7pm in the summer).
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