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Rats & Mice in Kitchens

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Recently at PEST UK we have had several problems with rats & mice in kitchens where the rodents gained access soon after either a new kitchen was fitted or an extension was put on. In the case of the kitchen fitting the fitters had either bodged a new sewer connection (so leaving gaps in the sewer system that let rats access the structure of the building and then into the kitchen itself) or by not filling the gaps around pipes and cables, especially in areas that are boxed off and not seen. With extensions it is often the case where the new connection to the sewer has not been fitted properly leaving gaps for rats to burrow out of the sewer either directly into the building or exiting into the garden. Another problem we have seen with sewers is that multipoint connections have been fitted but the ‘blanks’ (where there are no connections entering the sewer, are not capped off which leaves the same result: an area where rats can burrow out of the sewer system.
These types of problems will not be solved by baiting alone. Baiting will often need to be done to establish where and how the problem originates from. In some cases the problem can only be sorted out with a sewer camera survey, extensive proofing to the kitchen, fitting of one or more sewer valves or a combination of all four.
Sewer Valve in place
PEST UK can offer all, we have a ‘Snake’ Camera which offers a basic camera survey as well as the fitting of one way sewer valves and we have in our employ an expert at rodent proofing buildings. If you look at the main PEST UK website there are sections on ‘Rat & Mouse Proofing’ and ‘Rats Problems in Sewers’ which go into these problems in more detail.
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