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Rats in Sewers

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Rats in Sewers

Rats in sewers are a cause of quite a high percentage of rat problems in houses and businesses. A breach in a sewer may not always be picked up by a camera survey and in some cases the sewer will function as normal. Occasionally stones, earth and other debris may be seen in a sewer with a breach and sometimes a smell may be present. Rats will live and feed in sewers (usualy older systems, the newer sewer systems leave less or no resting places and are often plastic instead of clay or brick which is less likely to break or chip.), they will take the opportunity to leave the sewer via a breach and either just rest up before going back to the sewer or they may start breeding and feeding outside the sewer.
Rats in Sewers
What can be done about rats in sewers?

First a baiting program needs to be carried out to determine if it is a sewer problem and the extent of the problem. A breach can be located by using a camera Rats in Sewers or by a smoke test. Sewer Smoke TestIf a sewer breach has been detected then you will need a builder to dig up the sewer to repair it. This can be very expensive, there is another way, the fitting of a sewer non return valve.
Rats in Sewers
Non return Sewer Valve

This is a low cost (compared with a builder digging up the sewer) option that is very successful. Normally one valve per house is all that is needed but in the case of a terraced, semi detatched, block of flats or very old houses with multiple sewer outlets you may need more. Sewer Valve
The rat non return sewer valve not only prevents rats from going up the sewer but also prevents sewage backing up into the house should thither be a blockage. This device is used in Australia and the Southern USA to stop snakes entering houses via the sewer system.
Rat Sewer Valve
How does it Work?

The valve acts like a cat flap but only opens one way so letting the sewage flow one way and then closes preventing anything going up the system.
Rats – BPCA Advice



Metal non return sewer valve
To book a rat treatment, to arrange a sewer valve fitting or free advice then please call us at PEST UK: 0330 100 2811 (local rate) or 0800 026 0308 (free from land lines & some mobiles).

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