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Rats in May

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Rats are a more common this May than they have been in previous years. There are several reasons why we are seeing an increase in rats in May.

One reason for the increase of rats in May is bird feeding. Birds are messy feeders and will peck at fat balls, peanut and seed feeders, spilling small amounts of food. This provides rats with a high protein source of food in the same place every day. Rats usually feed after dark when they are in less danger from dogs, cats, foxes, humans and some birds. In densely populated areas, the less dominant rats (these are usually the old, young, weak and sick rats) are forced to feed during the more dangerous daylight hours because they are bullied and attacked by the strong dominant rats at night.
Rats by the BPCA

 Rats and Mice in cold wether feeding in a kitchen in Hounslow

Rats and Mice in cold wether feeding in a kitchen in Hounslow

Rats from Sewers

Broken or breached sewers can provide a steady stream of rats. Placing rat bait close to a sewer breach will only be a short term solution as more rats from the breach will eventually inhabit the area. The young rats will leave an expanding colony due to pressure from more dominant rats and look for another place to live. A successful rat colony will produce many rats that leave and spread into the surrounding area. Once these rats come across an area with food and shelter, like a breached sewer. they will stop and breed.
Rats in Lofts

Eliminating a Rat infestation

The first task is to find out the food source. Unless this is addressed the treatment may fail. Once this has been dealt with then poison bait can be used. Unless used properly poison bait will fail. The right type of poison put in the right place and presented in the correct way will eliminate rats, but it does need to be done correctly. Rats are shy suspicious creatures and many treatments fail because the bait is not presented in the correct manner. No enough bait being put down or not enough bait points will also lead to failure.
Rats in Hounslow

What can be done

PESTUK have expert technicians who can guarantee rat treatments (as long as advice on proofing, hygiene etc is adhered to).
Rats in March

If you have rats in May or any pest control problem and want it treated or just advice then please call PEST UK on: 0330 100 2811 (local rate) or 0800 026 0308 (free from land lines & some mobiles).
Rats in March
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