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Rats in March

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Rats in March

Due to the mild and wet Winter the rural population of rats is very high. This has not been converted into a lot of rat problems for house holders and businesses (unless farmers, stable owners or other rural businesses) as there has been less pressure than ‘normal’ Winters for the rats to take the risks to move into and around buildings. Rat populations decline after the Autumn and pick up again in the Spring although if the conditions allow, they will breed all the year round. All they need to breed are adequate supplies of food, water and shelter. March wood be the month where enquiries into PEST UK with people asking for help with rats problems wood be declining. This hasn’t happened this March. in fact the rat jobs are on the increase.
Rats in March
Controlling Rats

Controlling rats in March or any other month is not just about putting poison down. First you must attempt to exclude the current food source. If this isn’t done then you may kill some rats but the core of the infestation will carry on feeding on the original food source and will either not eat enough poison to die (most modern rat poison require several feeds to be effective) or not eat any at all. If rats have a choice between say bird feed or rat poison, they will generally choose bird feed. Next you need to look at where they are living. This may mean removing piles of logs, tidying up a garage or repairing a sewer. If they are getting into a building then identifying the entry points is needed. This can be difficult and in many cases never found, especially in a flat or terraced dwelling. After all these points have been looked at then the correct type of poison presented to the rats in the correct manner can be carried out.
Rats in March
Treatments for Rats in March?

PESTUK offer a guaranteed treatment for rats costing just £100.00 + VAT (this 2 visits)

Call PEST UK on: 0330 100 2811 (local rates) or 0800 026 0308 (free from landlines & some mobiles). See our Rat web page: Rats by PESTUK

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