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Rats in Bracknell

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Rats in Bracknell

Just recently at PEST UK were have been getting an unusually high number of calls regarding rats in Bracknell. The bulk of these rat problems in Bracknell seem to be domestic but we have also had some rats in commercial premises as well. We cannot understand this recent surge of rat activity in and around the Bracknell area. In all rat infestations there will be an artificial food source that the rats will feed on. Rats don’t compete very well with ‘natural’ animals such as weasel, stoats or other similar sized animals but they are adaptable, taking advantage of other animals food, food spillages or animal droppings. Themes common food source that rats take advantage of in domestic sites is bird feeding. 80% of all our rat jobs are caused by people feeding birds. Bird food is generally high protein (fat balls, sun flower seeds and peanuts) so small amounts of spillage will provide enough food to support a colony of rats. Unless the food source is addressed then any treatments will often fail. Treating rats is not just about putting poison down.
Rats in Bracknell
PESTUK offer a guaranteed treatment for rats. The guarantee does depend on any hygiene or proofing advice being adhered to.

We have a dedicated pest control technician in Bracknell working from our Bracknell office.Web site of the Bracknell PEST UK Office

PESTUK is a member of the British Pest Control Association (BPCA) so you know you will get a qualified, trained and fully insured pest control technician.
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You can call our Bracknell office at any time, day or night, 7 days a week. we don’t use answer machines and the phones are always manned.

If you have a rat problem, need advice on any pest control matter or require a pest control treatment for any pest then please call our Bracknell office on: 01344 721939

Information on rats from the BPCA

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