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Rats in Basingstoke

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Rats in Basingstoke

I recently visited the Pelgar Rodent Training Faciliy in North Hampshire. PestUK are a BPCA registered company which proves that we are not cowboys, and are professionally trained pest controllers. At this rat training facility there are the most rats in basingstoke. Hundreds of rats are kept in pens.The rats behaviour is studied for pest control and the facility is used by film and documentary makers. Most of the rats in Basingstoke calls involve people feeding birds or another artificial food source or a sewer breach.

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Being BPCA registered BPCA (The British Pest Control Association)means that we must undergo training and this ensures that you are getting a quality service. The Pelgar Rodent training centre is located in Basingstoke near the Berkshire/Hampshire border. PEST UK uses this facility for refresher training for our pest control technicians and office staff.


The above video was taken at this facility in basingstoke, and shows just how fast rats can breed given time. Scenes like this, while funny in a controlled environment, obviously would be very shocking if encountered in the ‘wild’. If given the food, water and breeding area they would soon reach these numbers. This is why in the Spring, Summer and early Autumn rat populations grow and peak in the late Autumn. As the weather gets colder, the natural food supply diminishes and the vegetation cover reduces Rats seek out warmer places to go with food. This is when they are most likely to enter buildings and invade gardens.

To ensure that you do not get an infestation of rats, it is best to deal with them as soon as possible!


Please give us a call at PestUK if you are concerned about seeing rats in the garden before they come inside! 0330 100 2811


Rick Pellen PestUK

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