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Rodents and Homes.

At PEST UK we know this time of year can lead to an increase of rat and mice activity within homes. The colder weather can make our homes an inviting destination for Rats and Mice. People are also more likely to feed birds in the cold weather which can attract rats and mice to this delicious extra source of protein, which can then nest nearby.

Signs of Rats and Mice in your home

Signs of rodent activity can include late night movement heard through the ceiling, the smell of urine, droppings and gnawing of cables, pipes and beams. They will mostly nest in the loft and use cavities for movement in and about the house.

With the drop in temperatures, rats and mice enter homes to nest in lofts tearing up insulation, under floorboards or in wall cavities. They can gain access to the kitchen and other parts of the home. You may see them during the day but they usually are active at night. Rats and Mice both carry diseases and can damage your home with their constant gnawing. This can even lead to fires from the chewing of electrical cables.

With a steady access to food rodents can easily begin to nest and can begin breeding rapidly in your home. Rodents prefer grain based foods but will happily eat almost anything.

Our technicians can visit your property and can assess for points of entry, food sources and possible nesting areas and can lay poison bait to humanely deal with the rodents.

For more information on rodents visit the BPCA or our own web site PESTUK

PESTUK now have new offices open in Lambourn and in Ealing ready to treat rodent problems and any other pests you may have.   Our offices are open 7 days a week.

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