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Rats: Waste Tip

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Rats on a Waste site:
We have just finished a rat clearance project at a waste tip in Reading, Berkshire. This was a challenging operation but due to a co operative management on site it has been very successful. From PEST UK’s point of view it is highly satisfying to clear a Rats on a Waste site problem that several other companies have tried to treat but failed to do so. The secret of our success is not just to bung poison bait down but to take an integrated approach. On this site one of the main problems was rubbish and stock rotation. There were piles of rubbish that weren’t cleared on a regular basis. If piles of rubbish, bottles, cans etc are left for more than a few days then rats will live in these piles. If they do this they can live and feed in the piles so the core of the infestation never has access to poisoned baits. We advised the management of the site to clear piles of rubbish before adding to them and to make sure they are completely run down to nil on a regular basis thus eliminating a place for them to live and which in turn will encourage the rats to feed on the poison baits. The old contractor only had baits surrounding the building but not in areas where the core of the rat population have access to the baits.
We have now started the pest control contract. The contract has fortnightly inspections and the key to a contract such as this is keeping an eye on any changes in work practices on the waste site.
Another issue is when you are dealing with large rat populations you can ‘weed’ out the rats that for example don’t like going into bait boxes or rats that don’t like eating a wheat based poison bait. If this happens then the type and presentation of poison baits may need to change.
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