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Rabbit Cage Trapping

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Rabbit trapping using live catch traps can be an effective way to control rabbits either as an addition to other forms of control such as gassing and trapping or just on it’s own. Cage traps are laid and baited. The traps must be looked at daily & then if any caught PEST UK must be phoned. The traps must be ‘unset’ if they can’t be inspected during the 24 hour period.

The price for a live catch trapping is £240.00 + VAT. This price pays for four visits which includes the set up and pick up.

Nick Browning (our Senior Technician at PEST UK) is in the middle of a cage trapping treatment in Shinfield, Reading. This is a site where there is thick vegetation and access to the warrens is difficult and anyway some of the rabbits are moving onto the property from woodland and a fields that border onto the property. In the long term, as with many rabbit problems, proper rabbit fencing is the only solution. Even partial fencing lessens infestation as it makes it more difficult and time consuming for rabbits to travel to the areas to be protected. Even when an area is partially protected and control is carried out, re infestation is generally slower. So any rabbit fencing is better than none at all. Gassing is generally considered the best method of control but in some circumstances (especially in the Summer when rabbits may not use warrens but ‘lay up’ in thick vegetation), rabbit cage trapping is the answer, or part of the solution. At this site where Nick is working he laid 5 rabbit cage traps down and within 2 days caught 5 rabbits!.
Rabbit Shooting

This method is not always successful but in some circumstances can be. Steve Cheung who worked for PEST UK shot 44 rabbits in one night at a private school in Berkshire. This is unusual.
Rabbit shooting is best carried out at dusk or early morning but can be done at night with a night scope on the gun.

Price for rabbit shooting is £100.00 + VAT per shoot.

For advice or a pest control treatment please phone PEST UK on 0330 100 2811. Alec Minter

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