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Queen Wasps & Hibernation:
The Queen wasps have already been produced by the wasp nests. The Queens, which are retile females and the Drones, which are males are the last wasps to be be produced by a wasp nest as it starts its decline. The number of wasp nest this year from PEST UK’s point of view has been ‘average’. This may not be the case for other pest control companies that may have had a good or bad year. The volume of work depends on so many other factors than just the number of wasp nests. If the advertising fails then this will have a knock on effect of people requesting wasp nest removal or wasp nest treatments. The demand for wasp nest treatments or removals may vary in different parts of England. PEST UK’s covers only the South of England, in fact only the counties of Berkshire, South Buckinghamshire, South Oxfordshire, North West Surrey and North Hampshire. Weather patterns and other factors will effect other parts of England differently to PEST UK’s coverage area.
Hibernating Queen Wasps should go into hibernation in good condition. The reason for this is the abundance and good quality of the wild fruits this year. Another factor is how soon the cold weather starts. The later this is, the better for the Queen Wasps. They will have to spend less time in hibernation and so consume less energy so they will be in good condition to start the new nests and rear the first generation of new (worker) wasps. Big fluctuations in temperature are bad for hibernating insects. What improved the wasp year this year was the steady increase in Spring temperatures rather than warm early Spring weather followed by a cold wet spell. Ideally early Springs are best for emerging Queen wasps providing the weather stays warm and dry. Unfortunately the weather in the UK is not like that.

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