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Pumpkins: What Pests Can They Attract

Oct 31 in Pests

Pumpkins: What Pests Can They Attract

As Halloween approaches many people get into the festivities and carve pumpkins, leaving them on their doorstep or in their gardens. However with pumpkins: what pests can they attract?

Common pests

Some of the more common pests that will feed on a pumpkin, depending on your location can include- rabbits, squirrels, deer, mice, moles and insects such as snails and slugs and beetles. Some of the ways you can prevent this include using plastic pumpkins, these can then be saved for the next year, keeping the pumpkins indoors after carving. In the case of insects a technician could spray a residual insecticide around the pumpkin if you do desire to use a natural pumpkin.


pumpkins: what pests can they attractMice are extremely adaptable, changing there behaviour to fit in with the environment that they find themselves in. House mice consume food meant for humans and pets. They will contaminate food-preparation surfaces with their faeces, which can contain the bacteria that causes food poisoning (salmonellosis). People are more tolerant of mice than rats although they can carry the same diseases as rats and are more likely to transmit such diseases, as they are bolder and more curious, coming into closer contact with food, cutlery and work surfaces. Their need for constant gnawing causes damage to structures and property. House mice live and thrive under a variety of conditions in and around homes, stables and farms.


Squirrels in gardens are destructive pests. Eating plants, bulbs, stripping bark and they will eat bird’s eggs and chicks. Squirrels can also cause structural damage by tearing up loft insulation for bedding, chewing timbers, pipe work and stored items, and pose a fire hazard by stripping insulation from electrical wiring and chewing through cabling which can cause fires or electrical problems. Insulation may be pilled into large balls for the nest. They can be very noisy as well . For these reasons, it is important to keep squirrels out of lofts.  Grey Squirrels are classed as vermin. It is illegal to release a trapped Grey Squirrel.


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