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Proofing job & more rodent activity:
Today Rick Pellen carried out an interesting pigeon proofing job. Pigeons were roosting on a down pipe but were also roosting in the gap between the solar panels and the roof. I have not seen pigeons doing this before. If this is not a one off then the thousands of solar panels fitted are potential roosting sites. This may be good news for the pest control industry. Please see photo attached to show the areas which the customer wanted proofing.

The past week has been a continuation from previous weeks, very little insect work (except for bed bugs & cockroach jobs which seem unaffected by the wet Spring & Summer) but plenty of rat, mouse & squirrel jobs. The mouse jobs have been where people have been going into their lofts to get down Christmas decorations and find either mouse droppings or evidence of damage to paper, decorations or insulation. As more people are off work they are more likely to see rats or mice on bird feeders and in fact have more time to fill up the bird feeders (which attracts rats & mice). When we visit some houses for rat or mice call outs some times the neighbours are causing the rat or mouse problem by bird feeding or an overgrown garden but they don’t realise as they at work all day and they leave for work and return in the dark!

The technicians have been surprisingly busy this time of year with various contract work as well as these rodent jobs that are coming in frequently. The company will be open as usual during the Christmas time with the exception of Christmas day, Boxing Day & New Years day. We are anticipating the colder weather resulting in more rodent activity in the coming months buthope that snow does not preventour technicians getting to our customers.


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