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Proof of Donation to Operation Smile UK

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Recently I posted a Blog about PEST UK’s Donation to Operation Smile UK. It was PEST UK’s intention to donate 1% of annual profit (or £400.00, whichever was greater) to Operation Smile. We have sent our yearly donation for £732.24. Last year we only sent them £400.00 as our profits were down but fortunately for PEST UK and for Operation Smile UK we made more profit last year leading to an increase in donation. Anyway, to prove that we actually have given Operation Smile UK £732.24 I have included a letter from them dated 19 December 2014. As I have mentioned before most of the charities (both large and small) were just not interested in receiving donations from us. We did insist on using a logo to demonstrate that we give 1% of our annual profits to charity and so that if customers choose to use us in preference to another company because we give a percentage of our profits to a charity) then they can see which one and a link to their web site so they can learn about the charity in more detail. It was partly a commercial decision by us at PEST UK to give to a charity but also we like to feel that we are at least sharing our commercial success with those less fortunate in the world. All the time we get bombarded by sales people who represent (or say they represent) charities with worthwhile causes (especially after a natural or man made disaster) asking for money. We now feel less guilty about turning these down as we already give to a charity on a regular basis. One of the problems I find with the charity sales people is that a lot of them work on a commission basis so some of the money given is not going to the charity at all. Another issue is that some of these charities may be bogus as was discovered recently in some of the recycling companies who claimed to be charitable companies recycling old clothes for charities but were in fact not.



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