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PEST UK is a member of PROMPT/BASIS & BPCA (The British Pest Control Association) as well as all technicians being members of the PROMPT/BASIS scheme. The BPCA’s criteria for being a member includes on going training and refresher courses. The PROMPT/BASIS scheme monitors this with a points system. This points system works by awarding points for attending pest control courses and refresher courses as well as receiving pest control magazines and news letters as well as attending events such as PESTECH and PESTEX. Pest controllers can also earn points by having internal meetings which involve health and safety aspects and training. This is all very commendable but why should companies have to pay for this? The BPCA (quite rightly so) require that training should be ongoing so why don’t they do it? Its simple enough but no they let a third party do this. This cost member companies money. In our case early £400.00 per year.
PEST UK already pays several thousand pounds a year in fees. On the PROMPT/BASIS web site there is a map, the headline being ‘Find a PROMPT Pest Controller’, this doesn’t work, never has and has been in this state for over a year. I have complained to them countless times but nothing is done. Scott was on a pest control Killgerm workshop and the PROMPT/BASIS manager came to do a talk on what they did. At the end of the talk all the people attending the course were asked if there were any questions. All the commercial technicians asked why the web site wasn’t working. The answer was the same that we are getting now over a year later, he said “We are working on it” I have even suggested linking this site to the BPCA ‘Find a Pest Control Company’, which although has it’s flaws, is an excellent search tool. You can tell by the urgency they (PROMPT/BASIS) show in getting this search map up and running that they just don’t care. The one decent thing on their web site that may earn their customers some money, they show scant regard for.
I think BPCA members should stop wasting money on PROMPT/BASIS and instruct our association (The BPCA) to monitor and police ongoing training themselves.

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