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Problems Caused by Gulls Nesting Under Solar Panels

Jul 06 in Pests

Gulls nesting under solar panels have become a huge problem

The number of gulls living in towns and cities has been rapidly increasing over the last 10-years. They have an easy supply of food from the food waste discarded on the streets and from scavenging in landfill sites. Nesting on the roofs of office blocks and houses means gulls avoid predators such as foxes and, as a result, more chicks survive. However, it is necessary to protect solar panels and roofs from gulls as the area below the panels provides year-round shelter from the weather and predators making it the perfect space for them to roost and nest.

Gulls roosting and nesting on a roof can cause lots of problems:

  • Large amounts of droppings smell unpleasant, make a building look unsightly and harbour disease.
  • Nesting gulls and their young are noisy.
  • Nesting materials, feathers and droppings can block gutters and drains as well as reducing the effectiveness of solar panels.
  • Gulls can be aggressive, particularly in spring and summer when they breed and raise their young.

Why stopping seagulls from dropping on solar panels is so important

A build-up of gulls’ nesting materials, feathers and droppings on top of solar panels can reduce their effectiveness. By blocking the light from reaching the panel’s surface, the current is prevented from flowing efficiently, creating an extreme temperature increase resulting in a ‘hotspot’. Hotspots lower the power output of the whole panel.

Bird-proofing the solar panels will help to remove long-term, avoidable maintenance costs.

Deterring and preventing gulls is the best solution

There are several ways to protect solar panels from gulls:

  • Deter gulls from landing on or near solar panels by using Bird Free repellent gel.
  • Prevent gulls from pushing underneath solar panels to nest by fitting specially designed mesh around the sides of the panels.
  • Proof anything on the roof which gulls can perch on by installing spikes.

If you need to protect your solar panels from gulls

Accessing your roof and solar panels to install spikes and fit mesh is difficult and dangerous. PESTUK’s technicians are experienced in using roofing ladders and have the correct equipment and training to work safely and effectively on most roofs. Two of our technicians are PASMA certified to build scaffolding. Our technicians are trained to install solar panel mesh and spikes.

Call PESTUK for a free quote to proof your solar panels from gulls on 0800 026 0308.


PESTUK are full members of the BPCA, the governing body for pest control in the UK. Using a BPCA member company ensures you have a qualified, fully insured company treating your pest problem. PESTUK are experts in proofing your solar panels from gulls.

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