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Prices for Removing Wasps or Bees in a Chimney

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Removing Wasp or Bee swarms or nests in a chimney can be difficult. Most pest control companies will not tackle these difficult jobs, it can be dangerous, more expensive to insure and takes 2 people with long ladders and roof ladders. In the case of bee swarms it may be that they can be treated using an insecticide smoke from the bottom of the chimney. If the swarm has only recently moved into the chimney this is often successful but we always warn the customer that treatment from the bottom of a chimney is not always successful and some times the only way is to get close from the top to apply the insecticide. We always look at re locating bees but once they enter a chimney this is virtually impossible. If tackled from the top it may be possible to net the top of the chimney to prevent re infestation and cross contamination. This is not possible if there are any gas appliances venting into the chimney. Wasp PEST UK

Regulations do say that a non residual insecticide be used (if removal is not possible) and that treatment should not be carried out near other bee hives and the entrance be blocked. Unfortunately the gas regulations will supersede these as what do you do if gas appliances are venting into the chimney? It is against the law to net such a chimney or block the flue (entrance to the bees nest) in any way and peoples lives come above bees. In these cases PEST UK will carry out an assessment and in most cases treat the bees. Wasp nests are rarely successfully treated from the bottom of a chimney. The reason for this is that where as a bees nest and the bees have a nest that is ‘open’ (it is not enclosed but relies in the cavity itself for protection) a wasp nest has a skin of paper mache type construction that gives some protection against insecticide smokes and small amounts of insecticides. We often recommend that customers try the cheaper treatment from the bottom for a newly arrived bee swarm but rarely for a wasp nest.

Prices for Removing Wasps or Bees in a Chimney

Current price for a chimney treatment is £50.00 + VAT for a one man smoke or insecticide treatment done from the bottom of the chimney or £135.00 + VAT for a 2 man ladder and roof ladder job. In some cases it may be even dearer if a Cherry Picker is required.20150409_104203_resized

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