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Post-Christmas Pests and Boxing Day Bugs

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The days after Christmas can be a chore. But there are some tasks you should carry out thoroughly. Heed our tips this Boxing Day to prevent any post-Christmas pests ruining your holiday.


Christmas Waste

Christmas is over and there’s a lot to show for it. Boxes and more boxes, wrapping paper, leftovers, and lots of food waste. The bins are piling high and collection day isn’t for a while. While it’s tempting to leave rubbish outside to pile up, the build up of rubbish outside can lure rats and mice. Here’s a few tips to help discourage rodents from being attracted to your home:

  • Keep bins away from the house.
  • Don’t let rubbish build up outside – take it to a tip.
  • If storing bins in a garage, or refuse area, make sure there are no gap/holes that creatures may be able to crawl through – remember mice can squeeze through holes as small as 1cm!
  • Only put out your recycling and rubbish bins on the day of collection.


Christmas Decorations

Eventually the Christmas decorations will come down. The fake trees, baubles and tinsel will be shoved in the loft until next year. While taking the decorations down is definitely not as fun as putting them up, care should be taken to make sure they are stored correctly. Christmas decorations can provide the ideal nesting material for rodents. Here’s a few of our storage tips:

  • Store decorations in sealed plastic containers.
  • Avoid storing decoration in cardboard boxes – rodents can easily chew through this material.
  • Throw away edible decorations.
  • Inspect the loft/attic or other storage area before putting your decorations away – are there any signs of rodent activity already?



Travelling back home for Christmas? If you’ve been staying at a hotel or with relatives, no matter how clean their house is, you should always check for bed bugs. Bed bugs can hitch hike on your luggage and transfer into your home. Here’s our tips to prevent bed bugs infesting your home:

  • Avoid unpacking suitcases on the bed.
  • Inspect luggage for any signs of infestation.
  • Wash and tumble-dry clothing and bed sheets on a high heat – bed bugs struggle to survive in high temperatures and washing will help to eliminate the bugs and their eggs.
  • If you spot any signs of bed bugs, call a pest control company immediately.


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