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Pigeons Solar Panels

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Solar Panel Spikes
Birds are learning that Solar Panels are a nice place to roost, nest and shelter. PEST UK  are receiving an increasing number of calls relating to pigeons, starlings and seagulls under solar panels.

We now have access to a newly designed bird spike that has been designed specifically for use with solar panels. This is similar to a ‘normal’ bird spike but set at an angle to prevent birds gaining access. This design allows the base to have maximum contact with the roof,  making the spike stable and strong.  These spikes unlike other methods (mainly wire mesh) allow adequate ventilation under the panels and also allow larger items such as leaves pass through rather than getting caught and building up as can happen with mesh. It may take time, but problems with birds and solar panels will increase as birds learn this behaviour and pass it down to their offspring.Solar Panel Bird Spikes for Pigeons, Sea Gulls & Starlings

Nesting birds can cause smells, buildup of droppings (blocking gutters and drains), noise and general nuisance. Pigeon droppings also carry Psittacosis which is carried in the dust of dried pigeon droppings.

Owls & other birds of prey –  live or stuffed – do not work in the long term. This is true not only for solar panels, but any sites where stuffed Eagle Owl or similar bird of prey has been used to scare off pigeons, starlings or sea gulls. So many times we get called to sites where a stuffed owl has been used, but these birds are not that stupid,  and in a matter of weeks or even days they will ignore them completely. Even using live birds of prey have limited effect. The birds will depart once the bird of prey is present but will return one the bird of prey has gone.Sloar Panels being 'Spiked' to prevent pigeons & starlings nesting under the panels

Solar Panel Bird Spike for Pigeons, Sea Gulls & StarlingsThese spikes fit snugly around the solar panel, and are barely visible, leaving a roof that looks no different to before – unless  you’re a bird! Bird proofing your solar panels is definitely one of those jobs that falls under the heading “Prevention is Better Than Cure”.

Call PEST UK Pest Control Services on 0800 026 0308 or 0330 100 2811  if you have pigeons, starlings & sea gulls getting under solar panels.

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