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Pigeon Net Uxbridge
Pigeon Netting is the best way to cover large areas that need protecting from Pigeons and Seagulls. These birds can cause damage and foul areas with droppings and in the case of pigeons, their droppings can spread Psittacosis which can be fatal to humans. Because of these factors it is essential that areas that have a build up of pigeon guano that come into contact with humans are protected. A typical area that fits this criteria are plant rooms on top of large office type buildings. These is ideal for pigeons and seagull, it is high up and provides an ideal environment for nesting and roosting at night.

Installing Pigeon & Seagull Netting will prevent pigeons and seagulls getting to these areas. At PEST UK we have a team of technicians whose expertise is installing bird nets as well as other pigeon preventative systems such pigeon spikes and seagull spikes as well as the new ‘fire gel’ which has been very successful.

Above is a picture of a bird net that Richard Pellen and his team installed in Uxbridge earlier last month (November 2014).
Pigeon nets are suspended on a taut wire framework. First this frame is installed. It must be anchored correctly at any straining points at the corners and angles where there will be pressure. Guides are fixed about 1 metre apart between the anchor points and once this framework is secure and tight, the pigeon net is then clipped onto the frame. Net ‘windows’ may be installed into the net to allow access for maintenance on lights or other equipment. A badly installed net can lead to birds being caught up and trapped. A properly installed net using the right type of fixings and materials will last many, many years although regular checks and maintenance are essential to maintain this.

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