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Pest Control in December:
Last week Rick Pellen completed a pigeon netting job on a balcony on a flat on the Oxford Rd, Reading, Berkshire. Unfortunately the pictures don’t do the job justice as it was nearly dark by the time he had finished. The pleasing thing about this job was that we initially quoted for this about three months ago and although only £400.00 + VAT the landlady refused it saying it was too expensive. She said she had a handyman who could put up a net, which he did but then they cam back to us so the job could be done properly!. Pigeon netting is not a simple matter. If not put up right (or not maintained) then they just won’t work and can end up snaring the birds they are meant to keep off the area leading to painful deaths or injuries to the birds. The owners can also be prosecuted for cruelty.
Pigeon Netting Brannagh Ct Oxford
December in generally the quietest month for pest control companies but at PEST UK we have last week (apart from the pigeon netting) done several large bed bug treatments, one of which was a seven bedroom property as well as a couple of mole gassing jobs.
Feral-PigeonMole 2
With the mole gassing jobs, we prefer to use the trapping method as then the customer can actually see the result unlike gassing which although in most circumstances is effective leaves the result (dead moles) hidden.
Even this late on in the year we are still getting actual jobs and enquiries relating to Cluster Flies, these are flies that hibernate in wall cavities and loft spaces and come into buildings in the Autumn on mass to hibernate.

We have started several squirrel jobs last week, one of which was where Squirrels were living in the chimney. We used special external trap boxes that we fixed to the roof. These specialised trap boxes are expensive but necessary for a job like this.

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