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Pigeon Netting in Ascot Berkshire

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Pigeon Netting in Ascot Berkshire:
PEST UK is carrying out pigeon spiking on pillars and girders at the front of a prestigious Mercedes garage in Ascot. Pigeons are perching and roosting on the tops of the pillars are girders that support the roof. These will be spiked using metal pigeon spikes to prevent them from perching and roosting. We have successfully completed pigeon netting at this garage. I have taken some photo’s to demonstrate this. This garage is large with an underground workshop and cleaning bays. There is a dry cleaning bay and a wet cleaning bay. These bays are open on one side allowing pigeons access at all times. Pigeons would fly in and roost on the girders that support the roof and lights. The pigeons droppings would fall onto the cars and foul the work area. The droppings are acidic and can damage paintwork on cars. There is also the health issue. Pigeon droppings may carry psittacosis which can be fatal to humans.
Pigeon Netting of canopy roof








Rick Pellen of PEST UK and his assistant did a fine job of installing nets under the roof but above the lights to prevent pigeons roosting. Great skill is needed when working at height to get a pigeon net straight, taught and behind the lights. As you can see from the pictures the nets are almost invisible. The only difference the customer will see is that pigeons are not fouling the cars and work area.

Night roosting sites for pigeons are vitally important. These sites determine the number of pigeons. It is generally thought that food is the main criteria to determine pigeon numbers but in and near towns food and water are never a problem for pigeons. This is why they are able to breed almost all year round. Most native species will only breed when food supplies have peaked.

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