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Operation Smile: PestUK has today (23/12/16)  made a donation of £1274.18 to Operation Smile

PestUK supports Operation Smile


PESTUK supports Operation Smile, and has done for 5 years now. The amount of money we have donated to Operation Smile has increased year on year and we hope this continues.
One the the most noticeable facts about Operation Smile is the number of places where clinics are set up and the frequency of these. Check out the list on the Operation Smile website. The clinics are all over the world (even in the UK).
PESTUK are looking forward to a positive and prosperous 2017, and we wish the same to this charity and everyone there who does such great work!
PESTUK chose Operation Smile because this charity helps children the world over and makes a difference to young lives. 1% of all our profits are donated to them. We feel it right that our success should be shared by people who need help. It does benefit PESTUK. We would hope that when faced with 2 similar pest control companies th`at offer a good service at a reasonable cost that some customers would choose PEST UK because some of the fee they are paying will go to Operation Smile. It is also rewarding that we can see that our donation paid for 8 children to have corrective surgery.
We donate every year in December and because the accounts have been finished I know that this years donation (December 2017) will be over £600,00 more than the £1200.00 donated December 2016. I am not sure about the following year as the wasp season of Summer 2017 has been very disappointing with very few wasp nests about. A ‘bad’ wasp year does happen from time to time, this year was probably poor because of a very dry Spring and a very wet Summer. The Queens emerge from hibernation in the Spring and are quite vunerable when they first construct the nest and raise the first and second batches of workers. Normally very dry weather is good for wasps but the dry weather this year meant less aphids which the Queens feed on.



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