Providing pest control services in Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Essex, Hampshire, Hertfordshire, Kent, London, Middlesex, Northamptonshire, Oxfordshire, Surrey, West Midlands, West Sussex, Wiltshire. Est. 1985.


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Oxford Pest Control and PESTUK

PESTUK was established in 1985 and since then has spread to look after Berkshire, Hampshire, West London and Oxfordshire. We now have an office in Oxford City itself.

Technicians are fully trained and CRB checked and keep up to date with all relevant legislation. PEST UK provide contract pest control and also ‘one off’ treatments for many homes and businesses. These treatments are for Ants, Wasps, Rats or Mice, Squirrels and Cockroaches to name a few.

Rats can use railway lines and canals and bodies of water as feeding grounds and as a means of transport.


A city thats main focus is its University, it is the 52nd largest city in the UK and one of the most fast growing and ethnically diverse.  Oxford was likely first settled in Saxon times and began with the creation of a river crossing for oxen around AD 900.

The city centre is small, and is centred on Carfax, a cross-roads which forms the junction of Cornmarket Street , Queen Street, St Aldate’s and the High Street. Cornmarket Street and Queen Street are home to Oxford’s various chain stores, as well as a small number of independent retailers, one of the longest established of which is Boswell’s. St Aldate’s has few shops but has several local government buildings, including the town hall, the city police station and local council offices. The High, street is traditionally omitted by locals, is the longest of the four streets and has a number of independent and high-end chain stores, but mostly university and college buildings.

Wasps become more aggressive in early autumn and are more likely to sting.

Contracts in Oxford

PESTUK have many contracts with a number of restaurants, shops and schools within Oxfordshire as well as private homes.

Having a pest control contract ensures-

  • Peace of Mind –  A reliable contractor running a well organised contract should ensure that your premises, your staff and your business will be safe from pests and safe from any bad publicity and prosecutions that can occur if pests are found. If you have livestock or pets you will want to know that they are as well protected as possible. Prevention is better than cure.
  • The Law – The Prevention of Damage by Pests Act 1949  requires property owners to ensure that their premises remain free of pests. The Food Safety Act & Food Hygiene Regulations include further legislation governing business premises that handle food. Closure of businesses, fines of up to £20,000.00 and prison sentences of up to 6 months can be imposed for breaching these rules. Currently some of the legislation governing food standards is agreed in the European Union, and a good contractor will be aware of any changes or implications relating to the rules governing pest control legislation.

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