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Enfield Office & Mice

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Enfield Pest Control

As part of our expansion PESTUK have recently opened a new office in Enfield, North London. Currently we are taking on many jobs, mainly in domestic properties and for the following pests- rats, mice, squirrels, bed bugs, cockroaches, wasps and fleas.

Our prices are considerably lower than that of the local council, and with PEST UK you can be assured of skilled professionals dealing with your pest problem. All of our technicians are BPCA qualified, and PEST UK is a full member. Using a BPCA member pest control company ensures that your pest is dealt with by a trained competent technician that is continually taking refresher courses to stay informed of proper control methods and procedures.

Enfield Mice

Mice in cold weather feeding in a kitchen in Enfield.

Mice in Enfield

If you are hearing noises at night from your loft or from within walls it is possible that you have a mouse problem. Rodents will follow pipes and use small spaces within the walls to travel to areas where food is, such as the kitchen. They contaminate food-preparation surfaces with their faeces, which can contain the bacterium that causes food poisoning (salmonellosis). People are more tolerant of mice than rats although they can carry the same diseases as rats and are more likely to transmit such diseases, as they are bolder and more curious, coming into closer contact with food, cutlery and work surfaces.

Mice are extremely adaptable and will change their behaviour to fit into the environment they find themselves in. House mice will consume food meant for humans and pets and surprisingly are more resistant to poisons than rats or other rodents. This can mean that self treating of rodent problems in Enfield can lead to money spent on poisons that have no effect. Mice do not need to eat much food and can extract all the moisture they require from the food they eat. House mice eat only 1/20 th. to 1/10 th. of an oz. per day. Mice as with other rodents are constant gnawers, needing to keep their teeth from growing unmanageable. This gnawing can cause damage to wiring and to the structure of your property.

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