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Pests in January

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January is typically a slow month for pest control. Insect problems are not as prevalent, except for bedbugs which are not a seasonal pest. The most common pests in January are rodents, such as rats, mice and also squirrels. They will be heard or seen entering lofts or gardens looking for nesting areas and for food.

Pests in January


The biggest complaint customers have with Squirrels are the noises they make moving around in their lofts looking for shelter or a breeding site. The damage they can cause includes tearing up of insulation for bedding, chewing on wires and being very clumsy and loud in their movements. Grey squirrels are classed as vermin. A male squirrel will have a number of dreys (nests) in their territory and a PEST UK technician will use traps to control and rid the property.

Pests in January


In winter months people are more likely to feed birds with seed and nuts and other sources of protein which can be an easy source of food for rats. Compost heaps that are left in gardens can be used as a nesting site. Rats breed very quickly and what can be a small problem if left undisturbed can soon become a large problem. Our technicians will lay poison baits in spots around the property

Pests in January


Mice are commonly heard in lofts particularly at night when it is most quiet.You may see, hear or smell a mouse problem or see evidence such as burrowing in insulation or soil or see the droppings. They will travel in wall cavities to all parts of the house, mostly to areas where food can be found. They follow the routes of pipes throughout the house. Poison baits are used to treat mice problems, the right bait in the right places will end a mouse infestation.


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