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Pest Services During Winter:
This December (2015) has been the warmest on record and this does effect pests. It means we are still carrying out pest control treatments for many insect pests that we would not be doing in late December such as Cluster Flies, House Flies, Blue Bottles, Wasps and Ants. This bonus for us at PEST UK is countered by the fact that the warm weather means there are less rat, mouse and squirrel jobs as they are not under much pressure (as the weather is warm) to move into buildings. Saying that however the population of rats, mice and squirrels is very high. We can tell this by the rodent takes we are currently getting on our pest control contracts with external bait points and we are using a lot of poison bait! Once the weather finally does get colder there will be an influx of rat, mouse and squirrel jobs coming into PEST UK.

Our mix of work at PEST UK is quite varied at this time of the year. It can include:

  • Cluster Flies
  • Fleas
  • Rodents (both rats and mice)
  • Bed Bugs
  • Cockroaches

Some pests are not effected by external temperatures, these include Cockroaches, Bed Bugs and Tropical Ants. Cockroaches generally live inside buildings in fridge motors or other high temperature areas. Bed Bugs will slow down if a house is not centrally heated but generally if some one is sleeping in a bed room at night and bed bugs are present they will be active. Tropical Ants rely on the core temperature of the building they are living in being high.

Our usual contract work continues all year round, as does certain types of specific jobs such as

  • Bird/Pigeon Proofing
  • Fleas

There are fewer insect related call-outs as the weather gets colder but we are expecting to see an increase in rodent and squirrel-related call-outs.

December is traditionally the quietest month for pest control call-outs as most pests are happily curled up somewhere sleeping through the winter. The reduced daylight hours can also make pest control difficult at this time of the year.

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