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Pest Control in Woking: Woking in Surrey was one of the first areas that PEST UK expanded into after Berkshire and Basingstoke. Woking is a fairly wealthy area with a cross section of pest problems that include Bed Bugs (these sometimes indicate poorer housing conditions but can also mean people travelling abroad and staying in hotels), wasp/bee nests, ants cockroaches, fleas, rats, mice and squirrels.

Pest Control in Woking, Surrey – PEST UK

PEST UK also have pest control contracts in several commercial sites in Woking including two pubs, a restaurant, a Sheltered Housing site, an office complex and 3 shops. Woking has a railway line running through the centre, it actually splits in two which means more homes and businesses are flanked by railway lines. This is important in regard to pest control as there are always more pest problems in the vicinity of railway lines that usually involve rats, mice, squirrels and some insect pests.
If you live in Woking and have a pest control problem then please call PEST UK, not only are we quicker to respond to requests form the public than the council and other pest control companies our rates are very reasonable and in some cases cheaper than the council. PEST UK is also a member of the BPCA (the British Pest Control Association) which means you will get a fully qualified and properly insured pest control technician. Some councils and companies use trainees, at PEST UK trainees or apprentices are never allowed to work unaccompanied until fully qualified.
Another difference about using PEST UK over other organisations is that the technicians have a share in the company. The jobs belong to them so it is in their own interest to see the job through to a successful conclusion otherwise they have to rectify it at their own expense.
For pest control in Woking you can contact PEST UK 7 days a week 24 hours a day, some one will answer the phone.
Call 01483 789170 or e mail:
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