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Pest Control Prices in Hounslow and Feltham

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I thought that Harrow council had high charges for pest control until I saw the London Borough of Hounslow’s pest control fees. Their commercial charge is £80 per hour, which works out at £640.00 a day! Their charges for rats are the same as ours (PEST UK) but I can guarantee that you will receive a far better pest control service from us at PEST UK. The Hounslow Council pest control charges for mice are £120.00, which is £20.00 more than PEST UK’s. Squirrels, Fleas, Cockroaches, Bedbugs, pharaoh Ants, Garden Ants, Wasps, Pest Control Contracts and Bee removal have charges that are all considerably more than PEST UK’s.
Bed Bug
I can’t understand how a massive council like Hounslow has to charge above the commercial rate for pest control. Either the service is not subsidised (this I doubt) or they are just grossly inefficient. It would be fairer to their council tax payers if they were told to go to a private company rather than waste their money in paying over the odds for what is probably an inferior service. One of the most common complaint is timing. At PEST UK we give the customer an hour or even a half hour slot and if for any reason we are running late we will phone the customer to let them know. Often we will phone the customer half an hour before we arrive so they can pop out from work, we also do early mornings, weekends and late evenings. We understand that without our customers we will not survive while it seems to be a different attitude from councils!

Mice feeding in a kitchen

Mice feeding in a kitchen

PEST UK carry out hundreds of pest control jobs in the Hounslow, Feltham, Staines, Harrow areas and as well as the ’normal’ domestic pest control jobs such as bedbugs, rats, mice, squirrels (we also carry out rodent and bird proofing) we have pest control commercial contracts for food and other high risk premises. Compare Pest Control Prices in Hounslow and Feltham – London borough of Hounslow Pest Control Charges vs PEST UK Pest Control prices

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