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Providing pest control services in Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Essex, Hampshire, Hertfordshire, Kent, London, Middlesex, Northamptonshire, Oxfordshire, Surrey, West Midlands, West Sussex, Wiltshire. Est. 1985.

Pest Control in London

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Pest Control in London

PESTUK, a full member of the BPCA, the governing body for pest control companies in the UK. We have 12 offices providing pest control in London, and all provide service 7 days a week all calls to us are answered by a person and never a machine.

Pest control in London

PESTUK technicians are fully trained, insured and CRB checked.

Our offices include the following locations-

Wasps in London

If you have a wasps nest or unexplained wasps entering closed rooms in your house then PEST UK can certainly help. We can have a technician arrive and treat the nest using a residual insecticide this is a modern biodegradable insecticide that is not highly toxic to mammals, but is extremely so to the wasps. The entrance to the nest or the nest itself will be treated using this insecticide. This treatment is fully guaranteed by us.

After the treatment the nest will remain in a hyperactive state for up to 3 hrs, but usually wasp activity ceases much sooner. Keep people and pets away from the area until activity has ceased. Close windows and warn your neighbours to keep away. A nest once dead will not rot or begin to smell, so is safe and hygienic to leave where it is.

If the nest is accessible and you do wish to remove it, please wait for at least four weeks as this will ensure that no one will get stung by any larvae that have hatched out after the queen has died. Occasionally scratching may be heard from the nest during this period but as long as outside activity has ceased, don’t worry as this will soon die out.


Please call PEST UK on- 0330 100 2811 to book an appointment.


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