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PEST UK have been offering pest control in Harrow for just over a year. During this time there have been an abundance of Bed Bugs, rats and mice as well as other pests such as wasps, bees, cockroaches, squirrels and ants. We have also started gaining food premise pest control contracts in the Harrow area. Recently we have been doing major pest proofing for Ladbrokes who have a large office in Harrow. Our business is helped by the fact that the Local Council charge a great deal for providing a pest control service, in most cases they are far more expensive than PEST UK and as well as being more expensive in our and more importantly our customers opinion we provide a far superior service.Pest control contracts gained this month (May) were at St Bernadette Catholic School Clifton Road Harrow HA3 9NS and Eastcote Convenience Store 328 Eastcote Lane South Harrow HA2 9AJ. Kenneth is PEST UK’s representative in Harrow. He lives in Harrow and runs the Harrow Office. He is a highly experienced technician who specialises in rodent and insect proofing which as there are many flats, terraced houses and Maisonettes in Harrow is very appropriate for the area. In some cases proofing buildings from the inside is the only way to prevent rodents gaining access into buildings, especially when not all outside areas of the building can be accessed. Harrow is a suburb of London and id densely populated with a large amount of food and take away food premises. The sewer systems are also quite old. All these factors lead to a high incidences of pest control problems, including rats, mice, bed bugs, cockroaches, ants and other pests.

PEST UK operate 7 days a week so if you have any pest control problems then please call PEST UK anytime on 0330 100 2811

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